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                        How much is the sand dryer?

                        Time: 2020-08-03Author: dingli

                            At present, various specifications and models of sand drying equipment have been introduced on the market according to the sand processing capacity. For example, there are sand dryers with a daily output of several tons, and sometimes 50 tons of sand drying equipment. The prices of equipment with different processing capacities have certain The difference depends on the different prices of the processed materials. How much is the current sand making dryer?

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                            Many customers want to fully understand the equipment price when consulting equipment, but because the sand making and drying equipment is a non-standard product, the equipment prices of different manufacturers are different. The processing volume of sand making is one of the factors that directly affect the price of equipment. After determining the sand processing volume, moisture and other requirements, the configuration requirements of the production line must be determined. The sand making and drying production line is composed of: heat source system, feeding system, conveyor belt, feeding chute, drying equipment, discharge belt, vibrating grading screen, dust removal system, induced draft fan, electric control system and other equipment. Different accessory configurations in the production line will affect the overall cost of the machine-made sand drying equipment, so the price of machine-made sand dryer can be determined according to the actual needs of customers.

                            Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer of machine-made sand dryer equipment. It can provide drying sand equipment with an hourly output of 50 tons, 90 tons of drying sand equipment, etc., which can meet the drying needs of 4 tons to 100 tons of sand per hour. Welcome everyone. Factory purchase, or leave a message to know how much the machine-made sand dryer costs.

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