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                        What are the factors affecting the drying effect of yeast dryer?

                        Time: 2020-03-05Author: dingli

                          Yeast dryers;are relatively popular drying equipment. The use of yeast dryers can develop agricultural and sideline product resources, process and produce waste materials, turn waste into treasure, and reduce environmental pollution.

                          Many customers will encounter the problem of poor drying effect when using the equipment. How to solve this problem, Dingli professional technicians give you the correct answer.

                        yeast dryer

                          In general, changes in material characteristics will affect the efficiency of the dryer. The material itself has heat capacity, density, and adhesion. The level of adhesion has a direct impact on the efficiency of the drying equipment. If the adhesion is high, drying is more difficult.

                          Secondly, some materials will undergo some changes when heated, such as discoloration, decomposition and deterioration, etc. During the drying process, the materials will deform or crack due to shrinkage, which will cause the quality of the materials to decline or even be scrapped.

                          Therefore, no matter what kind of dryer equipment you use, you should read the instruction manual carefully, follow the arrangement of the equipment installer, and pay attention to maintaining the equipment on a daily basis. Only in this way can you extend the service life of the equipment.

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