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                        Factors for improving the drying effect of Coal Slime Dryer

                        Time: 2020-02-07Author: dingli

                         Users of Coal Slime Dryer always worry about the drying capacity of machine and the water content in finished products. The above two factors are important indexes to measure the drying effect.

                        During the drying process, changes of water from liquid to air always happen on the surface the pellets. Raw material in pellet shape is easy to be scattered and dried. While for the powdered raw materials, they are easy to ball with water inside. To improve the drying speed of coal slime, the common action is to dry the mix of float fine coal and fine cleaned coal or install specialized shovelling plate and chain in the drum of coal slime dryer.

                        coal slime dryer.jpg

                        All kinds of shovelling plate can be installed in the drum of Coal Rotary Dryer. Its function is to agitate, lift and scatter the wet material. Thus the wet material has more chance to contact with the heating air. What’s more, chains should be equipped in the drum of coal slime dryer to make the coal slime balls scattered and dried.

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