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                        Importance on sawdust dryer in biomass fuels

                        Time: 2020-02-03Author: dingli

                        Sawdust Drying Machine using airtight rotary drum and high temperature hot air direct drying technology, heat preservation, jam-proof, fireproof and other measures to improve machine running smoothly, dries quickly, no blocking, no spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

                        According to rough estimates of the relevant departments, domestic production of crop straw each year to reach 60~70 billion tons, including rational use of only 20%, the same branches,  sawdust, wood chips and other wood waste thrown away or directly burn to the hundreds of millions of tons of waste very much and low efficiency. Sawdust drying machine, molding granulator and other ancillary use every day use hundreds of tons, even thousands of tons of wood waste processing into new biomass energy, easy to burn, releasing more heat, cheap and clean.

                        Sawdust Dryer technology development and perfect, let majority person realized that wood quality waste of development potential, and investment prospects and profit, Dingli established has  for countless of domestic customer, and international merchants provides quality of production programme and drying equipment, especially sawdust dry pelletize field made huge breakthrough, new sawdust drying equipment performance, and efficiency, and energy-saving, aspects more highlight. For more details, you can consult online.

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